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Service Call Reporting & Invoicing Update - October 1, 2009

Dear Fujifilm Customer,

This notice is to advise you that on October 1st, 2009 Fujifilm USA Technical Services and Support will be upgrading our Service Call Reporting program. This enhancement will better reflect the service activity and parts usage associated with a service call from the time the call is opened until the problem is resolved. The changes and what it means to you are outlined below:

• All service activities associated with a Service Call as well as all parts used will be contained in the original service order opened with Fujifilm. This will eliminate the need for separate orders to be opened for continuations and added parts. The entire call history will be contained in one call reference number.

• Since all service and parts will be on one order, you will only receive one invoice for a service call, released upon the call resolution. If there are multiple parts shipments the shipping charges will be totaled on the invoice. If there are multiple service visits, there will be a separate line item with the date and hours for that visit. This change will mean a decrease in the number of Service invoices you receive from Fujifilm and you will clearly see the total cost of the service call without having to consult multiple invoices.

If you have questions about your Fujifilm Parts and Service invoice please contact Customer Care at (800) 659-3854 x3840 or at

We thank you for support and continued business.