Support and Contact Center

Fuji Photo Film Toll Free Telephone Numbers

PhotoFinishing Products Nationwide Technical Hotline (Minilab Service): 1-800-669-3854
Press 21 for Service Hotline
Press 22 for Parts Department

Minilab Equipment Fax Fix: 1-888-722-3854

Minilab Parts Department Fax: 1-201-507-2649

Sensitized Products Nationwide Technical Hotline: 1-800-788-3854

Photo Imaging Order Service Nationwide: 1-800-676-3854

Environmental: 1-800-473-3854

Camera Repair EAST: 1-800-659-3854
Press 33 for Parts
Press 34 for Repair

WEST: 1-800-326-0800
Press 3 for Parts and Repair

Consumer Information Services: 1-800-800-3854