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Parts Ordering Procedures for Service Contracts and Warranty Parts Ordering Policies

Contract Ordering
When ordering parts under any service contract, or equipment warranty, you MUST give the parts clerk the FIN number of the equipment that the order is being placed under. The FIN number will indicate what type of contract you have, warranty status, and also will separate billable parts from non-billable parts within our computer system. This will also ensure that you receive appropriate contract discounts.

Most parts will need to be returned to Fuji.
When warranty parts are ordered, the parts clerk will include a return authorization. Once the parts are returned, a credit will be issued, less any freight charges.

Some parts may not need to be returned.
However, if the quantity being ordered exceeds the total quantity used in the machine, you will need to return all the defective parts, and an invoice will be generated for the extra parts.

All parts will be shipped via UPS, with no shipping charges.
If it is requested that the parts be shipped by any other means, the customer will be responsible for all freight charges. The customer will also be responsible for any charges for sending parts back to Fuji.