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Cutter Problems

There are several things to check when there are problems in the cutter area.

* Folded cuts or cuttings left on prints are usually related to knife sharpness and/or cutter springs. The cutter spring part number is FOA 230.

* Be careful of the sensor wires when replacing the cutter blade. Use tie wraps to position the wires away from the cam and fork.

* Static electricity will cause the cutting to stick to the prints. Try cleaning the exit rollers and surrounding areas with an anti-static cleaner. Series 7 and 8 have an anti-static brush installed the by exit rollers that eliminates this problem.

* Cutter jams can be caused by problems in the dryer or squeegee racks:

* Check the large black gear for stress cracks or the center hub for excessive wear.

* Inspect the width guides and "special screw" for cuts. The series 0 machine should have the "bushing" improvement mounted on the special screw's shaft. If you need to order these, there is a Kit consisting of bushings, washers, and screws available by ordering part number 898H0275.

* Inspect squeegee rollers and gears for wear.