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Negative Density not Registered

The Negative Density not Registered error occurs because a film that is not recognized is entered into the machine, and the memory for film channels is full. The solution for 1250, 1820, 1255, and 1825 machines is different than for the series 1257, 1827, 1258 and 1828.

1. The 0 and 5 machines cause is related to more than two hundred channels being registered. This can happen if an operator creates a channel through channel transfer or the machine generates it in the following ways:

A new make, type and negative mask was chosen. A negative mask was placed in a direction normally not used.

To delete the excess channels, install the 110 carrier, select a negative channel and go to menu 322. All negative channels can be deleted except channel "1.1".

2. The series 7 and 8 problem is more straightforward. Any time a DX Code is registered to a new channel, a negative density is required, menu 333.