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E-6607 Processing Solution Level Low

While this problem can normally be remedied by simply topping off the processing tanks with water, it is often difficult to know which tank is low.

Try the following troubleshooting techniques to solve the problem:

1. Drain the waste tanks until they are completely empty and leave the drain valves open.

2. Go to input menu 658 and highlight the Ptank level.

3. Pour water into the PS4 processing tank until it begins to drain out of the waste tank nozzle. Check if the input has changed to "ok". If not, pour water into the P2 and again check the status of the input check.

4. If the problem is still there, pour water into the P1 and again check the status of the input check.

5. If you have not been able to change the status in input check, check the individual float switches for any chemical buildup or algae growth. (See section 13 in service manual for the float switch location)

6. Have on hand a spare float switch (p/n 128N0022D). Use this switch to test each switch location by substituting it for P1 through PS4. Again use menu 658 to check the status of each test.