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E-1620 Paper Jammed at Unit One

This error occurs during paper load or rewind and is usually caused by the following:

1. The ink ribbon retainer is bent or the head adjustment is too tight. The correct gap between the head and platen is .5 to .6 mm. Use a feeler gauge for this measurement.

2. The pressure plate is too close to the variable mask. The minimum clearance should be 2.5mm. This is generally due to mishandling, and bending the pressure plate arms. To adjust the pressure plate put an even pressure on the plates arm and push it away from the variable paper mask.

*There are other possible problems in the paper desk, such as width guide wear, cutter jam, difficulty loading paper etc., that will require you to remove units one, two or three. Refer to your service manual for information on removal of the units.

* Use the input menu 65 to check for paper in paper deck alarms, or to troubleshoot switch problems. Menu 79 allows you to test motors for proper operation.