Support and Contact Center

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In our constant effort to be the BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT GROUP in the industry, we have enclosed a Customer Satisfaction Survey card so that you can voice your opinions on how we are doing. We value your comments, and your opinions are very important to us.

Over the past year we have instituted many changes to improve our service, most of them as a direct result of our customer's input. So please take the time to fill this survey out so we can continue to improve our support for you.

In addition to the overall survey enclosed, we are sending random surveys which cover specific field service visits and calls to our technical hotline. These surveys help us identify training needs for the individuals who service you directly, both in person and on the phones.

You opinions and comments are our most valuable tool in improving service, so please take the time to fill out this and other surveys sent to you. We appreciate your business, and thank you in advance for you valuable time.