Support and Contact Center

New Hotline Call Handling System

If you've called our technical help line recently, you noticed that we have made some changes to the way we handle your requests for help. As a direct result of a customer satisfaction poll we did last year, we modified our system to reduce long, unpredictable hold times.

With the new system, your call will be answered by a non-technical person which we will refer to as the Hotline Coordinator (HC). When your call is answered by the HC, you will be asked for your Fuji Identification Number (FIN), your name, phone number and a brief description of your problem or question. The HC will log your request into our computer system, and give you an estimated time when we will call back. This permits you to go about the business in your lab while waiting for a technician.

Another advantage permits us to prioritize calls depending on the nature of the call. Down equipment will always take precedent over operational and maintenance questions. This permits us to give the customers who are out of business quicker responses.

In addition to changing our system, we have also outfitted our field force with laptop computers. These new computers permit our field force to connect to our Mainframe computer and take hotline calls from remote sites. This has added flexibility, giving us the ability to augment the hotline without having to bring techs to our phone centers.

We hope that this new system enhances our commitment to be the best equipment support group in the industry. Please let us know your comments.