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Equipment Support Programs Effective 2/97

Whatever your program needs are, there is an Equipment Support Program to fit your situation. All of our programs are backed by more than 100 of the finest technical support people in the industry.


This is our most comprehensive service program. This plan not only covers all emergency and non-emergency calls during our regular business hours, but also includes 2 scheduled preventative maintenance visits as well. In addition, all non-consumable parts are covered. With the R/M contract, planning your service repair budget is easy.

* Includes all Emergency and Non-Emergency Calls, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday on Non-Fuji Holidays

* No call out charges.

* 2 Quality Support Maintenance visits

* Parts replacement of all non-consumable parts. Overnight freight is extra. For parts not covered see our parts exclusions listing.

* Applies to all FA , SFA, Pictrostat and Pictography units.

* There is a print actuation limit of 1.5 million prints per year on FA and SFA equipment. Pictrostat and Pictography units actuation limits are 10,000.

* Only available for equipment 7 years old or less.

* Travel Zone charges apply to all locations more that 150 miles from the nearest Fuji authorized service center or technicians residence.


For our customers with 7 day-per-week operations, we offer an ADD-ON which includes Saturday, Sunday and Fuji Holiday coverage, IN ADDITION TO the R/M coverage. This additional cost program must be purchased together with the R/M program, and is available with FA and SFA minilab systems. In addition to the items covered in the R/M contract, the following are added features:

* Covers weekend, holiday and after-regular hours Emergency Service (as defined in the contract terms and conditions).

* No emergency call charges

* Does not cover remedial, training or maintenance visits outside of Fuji's normal business hours.


A preventative maintenance program, designed to catch equipment problems before they turn into emergency service calls. The emphasis of this program is to assure that the lab is producing the best quality images possible. Our technicians follow a comprehensive checklist which covers: chemical, print quality and machine equipment operations.

* Includes 3 scheduled maintenance visits

* 10% discount on all other parts and service

* All visits are pre-scheduled

* Does not cover remedial or emergency visits

* Travel Zone charges apply to all locations more that 150 miles from the nearest Fuji authorized service center or technicians residence.


This program is designed to control parts expenditures on lab equipment. Coverage is only for non-consumable parts. It does not include any remedial, emergency or maintenance services. All non-consumable parts will be replaced free of charge when directed by an authorized Fuji service representative, either by phone or in person. Defective parts replaced under this program will be returned for credit as directed by the Parts Department.

* All non-consumable parts are covered. (For parts not covered see our parts exclusions listing).

* Overnight or other express shipping is at the customers expense.

* Parts replaced may be used or reconditioned, but will otherwise be in new working order.

* Any part which is requested to be returned to Fuji is at the customers expense.

* Available on SFA, Pictrostat and Pictography equipment only.

* Equipment age surcharge applies to all equipment over 3 years old.


Extends the NEW equipment labor warranty from 90 days to one full year. All emergency and non-emergency service calls are covered during regular Fuji business hours Monday-Friday. Weekend and holidays are not covered and are billed at our regular prevailing rates. Extended warranties are only available on new equipment.

* Adds 9 additional months of coverage to the New Equipment Warranty on SFA, Pictrostat and Pictography.

* No charge for calls during regular Fuji business hours (Monday-Friday.)

* Available for new equipment only.

* Best value if purchased within 90 days of installation.