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Faxback / Documents On Demand

We are proud to announce the launching of our new fax back/document retrieval system. In an effort to provide you with an easily accessable method for acquiring technical and operational information that is important to your business, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions from our hotline.

We have put the answers to these questions in an easy to read, step-by-step format. With our document retrieval system, gaining access to this information is as easy as dialing your phone. By keying in the appropriate document number from the enclosed list, the selected document will automatically be faxed to you within moments. This convenient system is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a toll-free number. The use of this system can increase the productivity of your lab by decreasing your wait time for information and by providing you with written procedures that you can keep for future use. The list of documents will be updated regularly to reflect your changing needs for up-to-the minute technical and operational information on your Fuji equipment.

The number to call for Documents on Demand is (888) 722-3854, or just select the appropriate prompt when calling our Minilab Technical Hotline at (800) 669-3854.

We have found that many of the intermittent J67 jams that occur on the Pictrostat printer are caused by a small piece of donor caught in the guide. Once the piece of donor is caught in the guide, the prints that follow have a chance of feeding past it or jamming into it. The donor is fed up into the guide during the exposure process. If the donor hits the stuck piece, a J67 results. If the donor slides by the stuck piece, the print will come out fine. When you open the processing section, the guide lowers down so that you can get inside it. The paper is deep inside the guide and can't be seen, but you should be able to feel it inside and pull it out.