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#1302/PP-1257/1258, 1827/1828, 3008, 720W, 728: SFA Print Quality Recovery Procedure

When it is determined that a printer has been over-balanced through excessive "Paper Auto-Setup" balancing, the following procedure will bring all balance numbers back to original conditions. The usual range for balance numbers is between 400 and 600. If the Master Balance data is below 200 or above 800, these procedures should be followed.

1. Process and plot a control strip to verify that chemistry is in control before proceeding.

2. Clean the optical path; filters reflector, integrators, lenses.

3. Set up the main setup condition. 135 full frame horizontal, ch (1,1) Fuji 100, main paper size. This should agree with the conditions registered in Autosetup Registration. menu <713>

4. Reset Paper Balance/Slope Setup Data for N,U,O,Uo all 500, 500, 500. menu < 421 >

5. Reset Film Channel Balance/Slope Data for N, U, O, Uo to 500 500 500. menu < 321 >

6. Reset Film Channel Monitor Balance/Slope Setup for N, U, O, UO to 500 500 500. menu <326>

7. Verify proper Aim Density registration. Use your current aims if they are valid or .73 .70 .75 as a starting point (.77 .69.73 for Advanced Photo System). menu <324>.

8. If "Lightsource Correction" has not been done then do so.

9. Clean the densitometer white pad.

10. Perform "Upkeep Printing" menu

11. If new Aperion negatives are being used, enter in Neg. Density Storage menu <322.>

12. Perform "Size Master Auto-setup" printing. menu < 312 >

13. Transfer 135H, Fuji, 100 to 135ALL menu < 331> The source should be 135H, Fuji, 100 and for the destination cursor up to brand or type and press SORT, "0".

14. For other negative formats i.e. Advanced Photo System (IX240), Panoramic and 135 Half Frame and 110, set up for that film format and follow steps (7), (11), (12), (13).

15. Unload the primary production paper, and load secondary paper type.

16. Set up the main setup condition. 135 full frame horizontal, ch (1,1) Fuji 100. Perform "Paper Auto-setup" menu <2>

17. Repeat for all other secondary papers.

18. Make prints to balance the monitor. Menu, Yes. (Printing Screen) Select REP 1, Yes. This turns off the density portion of the ACCS. Print the balancing negatives, N,U,O,Uo, then HELP, 1 to "All Process".

This must be done for each negative size or format.

19. Compare prints to the monitor and adjust as needed. in Negative Size Master Monitor Balance. menu < 313 >