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#1201/All SFA models: Punch Pin Kit, Installation Instructions

Enclosed in this kit you will find: ( part # FOA1016 )

2 - punch pins
2 - compression springs strip of scotchbrite pad assorted hardware for replacement as needed, to include flat head screws and socket cap screws
2 - 2.3mm e-rings

1. Remove the punch assembly and lay out all the parts contained in this kit. Refer to the Unit 2 section in your service manual that describes punch unit replacement.

2. Clearly mark both the top bracket and the bottom plate (see illustration below) of the punch unit, indicating the front of both units, as well as indicating the left and right on the pin holders to ensure correct reassembly.

3. Using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four screws attaching the solenoid top bracket to the bottom plate. Set the top bracket aside. (Note: Use the correct size screwdriver as these screws are easy to strip the heads on.)

4. Remove the socket cap screws on one of the pin holders and pull the assembly off. On the bottom side there is a 2.3mm e-ring on punch pin shaft. Remove this e-ring and pull out the old pin and compression spring. Twist the scotchbrite strip down in the pin holder and rotate it a few times. ( This will remove any debris and polish the inside surface for smoother travel of the pin. )

5. Install one of the new compression springs and pins and replace the e-ring.

CAUTION : The next step is most critical in the correct installation of the new punch pins. Be very careful.

6. Set the punch pin assembly on the base plate and tighten the socket cap screws finger tight. Depress the punch pin all the way down through the hole in the base plate. WHILE HOLDING THE PIN DOWN, tighten the two socket cap screws snug. Work the pin up and down several times. It should freely travel up and down and not snag or hesitate. If it does not travel freely, loosen the screws, reposition it, and retighten the screws. Perform these steps until the pin travels freely through its complete motion.

NOTE: If the pin seems to stick at the bottom and not return to its home position, it is possible there could be a burr or irregular edge on the bottom plate hole that the pin punches through.

If you feel this is the case, this can usually be repaired by using a tiny round needle file in the hole and turning it (NOT PLUNGING IT) a few times with very little pressure applied. This will help to smooth and round out the hole.

CAUTION : Any punch pin that does not punch a clean hole WILL NOT be warranted if it is determined that the receiver hole was enlarged by performing this step.

7. Repeat the above steps with the second pin holder assembly.

8. When the two pin assemblies are installed, reinstall the solenoid bracket assembly with the flathead Phillips screws. Reinstall the punch assembly in the machine and check operation. Occasionally a unit will still not punch completely through the paper. This usually indicates a weak punch solenoid that must be replaced. NOTE: Manufacturer's warranty only applies to defective parts, not to mishandling during installation, or improper installation.