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#1102/PP1257/1258, 1827/1828, 3008: SFA Software - Disk Maintenance/Cleaning and Rotation

The SFA8 series machines use standard high-density disks (MF2HD). Consequently, the program and data on the disks are prone to the same problems that a PC might experience. The disks wear, files can be corrupted, etc. Once a problem occurs, it can be transmitted from disk to disk. If this happens, all your current disks will have to be thrown out. The software must then be reinstalled using a new system disk. Proper maintenance of the system disks will help avoid the potential for problems or downtime.

Two types of disks must be maintained: system disks and data disks.

Follow these procedures to properly maintain your disks:

1. At all times maintain a system disk that is never used.

If you have not already done so, put your system disk(s) away in a safe place. This will be needed in the event that the system program must be reloaded.

2. Clean the disk drives.

Once a month, clean the disk drive. Purchase a disk drive cleaning kit at a computer / electronics store. Follow the instructions on the kit. To clean the drive, put the cleaning disk in the drive and perform MENU 661 Disk Format. The machine will alarm. Ignore the alarm, remove the disk, and perform this function several more times.

3. Maintain two Data Disks

On a new disk, first FORMAT using menu < 661> Perform Data Save on a second disk at least once a month. menu <662> The disk remaining in the drive is backed up daily.

4. At least once a year perform MENU 661 Disk Format and Data Save MENU <662> on two new disks, and throw the old ones away.

* A system disk cannot be copied on the machine. A PC must be used to produce one.

** An Option Disk and Shading Data Disk is also required for a series 8A machine. The series 8V machine requires an Option Disk only. Option Disks must match the System Disk version.