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#1101/All Advanced Photo Systems SFA PRINTERS: Logo Printing Setup and Use


1. Printer system software 2.2 -0E or higher

2. Logo Conversion Software "Logoconv.exe" on diskette. Part number FOA-1017 available from our parts department.

3. 2 blank diskettes (type MF-2HD) formatted on your printer or IBM format is OK. One is for the "Logo" and the other is for the "none" disk.

4. A PC running Windows 95.


1. Create a folder (directory) for the logo software.

2. Install the "Logoconv.exe" software into the folder.

3. Open Windows Accessory "Paint/Paintbrush" or equivalent, to create your Logo Image.

4. Click on "Image".

5. Click on "Attributes".

6. Set Width to 387 and Height to 72.

7. Set "Units" to "pels".

8. Set "Color" to "Colors".

9. Click "OK".


1. The resulting display shows a rectangular area in the upper-left side of the drawing area. It will be sized to the values you have plugged into the "Width and Height" of the "Attributes".

2. Place the mouse at the upper-left corner of the rectangular area, click and hold the mouse, then drag the mouse to the opposing diagonal corner of the rectangular window and release the mouse.

3. A cursor should appear at the upper-left side, within the dotted rectangular window you just created. It is the beginning of where you can begin to type or draw your Logo Image.

4. If text is to be used, Click on the "A" on the Tool work-bar on the left side of the window. If the Text Bar is visible select a Font and Size, then click back inside the dotted rectangle. If it is not visible, Click on "View" and select "Text Toolbar", and continue as described.

5. Click within the rectangle again, then begin creating your Logo Image. At anytime you can change Size and or Font of your image to fit it to the rectangle. Do not re-size the rectangle. Remember it must be 387 x 72 pixels in size to work.

When Saved, there will be two files created on the diskette; one is "IP50Logo. bmp" and the other will be "IP50Logo.dat".


1. If you want to use different Logo's you must create them on separate diskettes.

2. If you want to print without a Logo you must create a "None" diskette. To do this you must create "Blank.bmp and .dat (called "none") files on a diskette to remove the "logo". It is created in the same manner as described above, but without an image. Open the "logoconv. exe" application, then select "Save". Save to the other diskette. Label the disk "None". This procedure is like using "white-out" on a printed document, in this case to cover the original logo.


This is done in Menu < 665 > "Index Custom Logo". Follow the menu to install the logo. Once installed, it will print the logo on every Index Print made.


The "None" diskette must be installed in Menu < 665 >. This will write over the logo and nothing will appear in the logo section of the Index print.