Data Tape Carousel

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Maximize your data center space with our innovative tape rack built exclusively for Fujifilm by Russ Bassett. The rotating carousel design allows for 768 LTO cartridges to fit in a minuscule 28 by 28 inches of space. The fact that it's manufactured by Russ Bassett, a company long known for making durable rack products, ensures that the Data Tape Carousel will serve your data center for a very long time.


  • Rack base includes 4 full swivel, heavy-duty 5" casters
  • Heavy gauge carbon sheet steel used throughout
  • Clean powder coated matte finish
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access to media
  • Tapes are held in recommended upright position
  • Dimensions 76"x28"x28"
  • Rotation width 36"
  • Empty weight 260 lbs
  • Fully stocked weight ~600 lbs


The Data Tape Carousel LTO unit can hold 768 tapes, 192 per each side.
Product Code: #600004742

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Data Tape Carousel