Data Cartridge Analyser

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The easy to use Data Cartridge (DC) Analyser and software quickly assesses the condition of data tapes allowing users to diagnose and avoid backup issues, saving both time and money. Used regularly, the Fujifilm DC Analyser helps increase the reliability of LTO tape backups and archives.

Simply install the software, connect to a computer, and the DC Analyser is ready!


Dual Cartridge Memory and Barcode Readers

The DC Analyser unlocks key information hidden inside every cartridge memory (CM) chip which is embedded in the LTO tape. Information includes error codes, remaining capacity, total cartridge writes, reads, loads and age. It does not read the information recorded on the tape, thus avoiding risk of leaking confidential information. The additional barcode scanner eliminates an extra step by automatically associating the correct volume serial number with the cartridge memory. This exclusive feature eliminates any chance for confusion down the road.

Easy to Use Software

The custom software package developed by Fujifilm includes diagnositic capabilities that only an experienced tape manufacturer could have. The easy-to-read graphs allow data managers to measure the health of an archive over multiple tapes and drives. The software will even recommend solutions and allow users to create a custom policy that grades every cartridge. By accumulating data from analyzed tapes the DC Analyser removes the guesswork and quickly locates the source of issues without the need to access a drive, call in outside technicians or send sensitive data out to a third party for evaluation.

The software also has a function for listing tape diagnostic results in an Excel spreadsheet and a context search function to find specific tapes or drives.

Quick On-site and Offline Diagnostics

USB plug and play connectivity allows users to start analyzing data tape at any windows workstation. After placing an LTO tape on the DC Analyser, the CM chip data will be read in less than 7 seconds. The included software stores up to 18 record entries for each tape allowing users to review precise diagnostics of the tape's condition over the last 18 usages.

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Data Cartridge Analyser

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