Cleaning Solutions

Developer Systems Cleaner Kit

This rapid acting, industrial-strength processor cleaner removes chemistry residue, tar, silver deposits, emulsion and algae from developer and wash tank rollers from all types of conventional plate and film processors. This product is also suitable for use on plate processing sections of ITEK and MITSUBISHI camera plate-makers using Mega or Silvermaster products.This kit contains no chromium compounds.

Product Name Catalog No.
REDI-CHEM Fixer Cleaner Concentrate
Packaged in twelve, 12 oz. bottles per carton. Each bottle makes 1 gallon of working strength cleaner to remove metallic from Fixer racks in automatic film processors.
REDI-CHEM Fixer Cleaner Concentrate
12 x 12 oz. (12 oz makes 1 gallon)
Developer Systems Cleaner Kit
2 mixes/package (each makes 2 gallons)
Mix Size: 2-32oz. PT A's, 2-32oz. PT B's, 2-32oz. Neutralizer
Introducing the Redi-Brush Versa-Pak. Five of the most desirable and useful brushes for the dental office.
Product Name Catalog No.
Processor/Sterilizer Brush #306
Hand and Nail Brush #551
3/8" Saliva Ejector Brush #395
5/8" HVE Brush #144-395
Instrument/Small Crevice Brush #117