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Alcohol Substitutes

Product Number Product Name Description
2873 ARS-JP Best for Dahlgren type dampening.
2013 ARS-ML Recommended for Heidelberg Alcohol dampeners.
2597 ARS-WL Non-HAPs. Safe for all CTP plates.

Coatings - Aqueous

Commercial Sheetfed/Packaging Coatings
Product Number Product Name Description
40035 Aquacoat 40035 High gloss results is coupled with fast drying performance
40077 Aquacoat 40077 Low odor work & turn coating with good gloss, fast drying and excellent rub resistance
40081 Aquacoat 40081 Formulated for film with excellent clarity and adhesion to difficult substrates
40091 Aquacoat 40091 Primer formulated for non-porous substrates offering exceptional recoatability and adhesion
40134 Aquacoat 40134 High gloss for one-side applications (not designed to be recoated)
40137 Aquacoat 40137 Good gloss, fast drying coating with excellent heat and hot scuff resistance
40144 Aquacoat 40144 Satin coating with good flow and leveling, especially over full solid inks, good rub resistance
40157 Aquacoat 40157 Dull coating with good flow and leveling, especially over full solid inks
40188 Aquacoat 40188 Best suited for any non-porous substrate including film
40219 Aquacoat 40219 Designed especially for blister packs in strict accordance with Fuji Hunt technical advice
40244 Aquacoat 40244 Low odor, work and turn with good gloss and very good rub resistance for use with coldset glues, foils and UV
4318 Aquacoat 4318 Slippery coating with excellent rub resistance, gloss, and runnability.
4380 Aquacoat 90 LV Good gloss, fast drying work and turn coating with exceptionally low viscosity
4349 Aquacoat 90 NB All-purpose coating with moderate rub resistance. Excellent recoatability [foil stamp, glue, UV, laminate].
4458 Aquacoat 90 XS Gloss, low odor work and turn coating with exceptional drying
4457 Aquacoat 90LXVS Fastest drying coating. Recommended for non-porous and low-porous substrates [e.g., YUPO] Works best with poly inks. Moderate rub resistance, excellent recoatability [foil stamp, glue, UV, laminate].
4770 Aquacoat CM W Low odor, good gloss, work and turn coating with good rub resistance
4706 Aquacoat CM2R Good gloss and fast drying, work and turn with very low VOC.
4713 Aquacoat CM-3 Workhorse. High gloss, rub resistant work & turn. Will foil stamp, glue.
4716 Aquacoat CM-3 LV Low odor, low VOC work and turn coating
4731 Aquacoat CM-3 XD Low odor, good gloss, quick drying work and turn coating
4449 Aquacoat Crane Freezer NF Outstanding rub resistance and rapid drying with good block resistance
4701 Aquacoat Dull DP High quality, streak resistant. Recommended for metering roller.
4442 Aquacoat FDA Compliant for dry food contact
4507 Aquacoat FDA-170 A low odor, high gloss, with excellent rub, grease and water resistance in addition to rapid drying and good block
40073 Aquacoat Gloss A good general purpose gloss coating with very good rub resistance.
4793 Aquacoat HG1 Premium Packaging Coating. High gloss, excellent rub, runnability.
4794 Aquacoat HG2 Good gloss, outstanding rub resistance, fast drying packaging coating
41003 Aquacoat HGIII Very high gloss, one-sided coating with low odor and good rub resistance
4444 Aquacoat HR-2 Good gloss and fast drying with excellent heat and hot scuff resistance
4797 Aquacoat LMA-1 Coating High gloss, fast drying, excellent rub resistance packaging coating
4478 Aquacoat Non-Curl WT For lightweight, stock-like labels. Good gloss with moderate rub resistance. UV-able.
4443 Aquacoat Non-Skid Our highest gloss, one-side coating. Also a non-skid with excellent rub resistance.
4796 Aquacoat PT2 OB Low odor work and turn with optical brightener for highest possible gloss to dry time performance
4361 Aquacoat PW Offers the commercial printer satin gloss and pencil receptivity.
4700 Aquacoat Satin DP High quality, streak resistant. Recommended for metering roller.
4164 Aquapack Dull Very low gloss of 12-14. Economical. Recommended for Anilox.
4336 Aquapack High Gloss High gloss packaging coating with excellent rub resistance
4165 Aquapack Satin Medium gloss of 18-30. Economical. Recommended for Anilox.
4781 W7111 Satin coating designed for conventional or Anilox coaters. Very good flow and leveling, excellent runnability.
General Purpose Coating Products
Product Number Product Name Description
40044 Aquacoat 40044 High gloss, one side coating with good rub resistance.
4320 Aquacoat 4320 Wax-free primer
4455 Aquacoat 90 NB-3 All-purpose coating. Moderate rub resistance. Foil stamp, glue, UV, laminate.
4350 Aquacoat Satin UV Satin coating, free running
4487 Aquacoat Satin XF Non-streaking satin coating
4494 Aquapack Dull XF Unique flow and leveling ingredients overcome uneven application
4168 OPV Quickstart Coating Cleaner This coating cleaner attacks dry coatings making it soluble and easy to remove.
Web Coatings
Product Number Product Name Description
4395 Aquacoat 70 Gloss Web High gloss coating for web applications.
4072 Aquacoat EFF Sealer coating for web applications. Excellent rub resistance, medium "invisible" gloss.
4340 Aquacoat XGLV Low odor, recommended for heatset web.

Coatings - UV

High Gloss Coatings
Product Number Product Name Description
4806 UltraCoat 1137HG-21 High gloss; fast cure [minimum dwell periods]
4811 UltraCoat 1137HG-26 High gloss; for heatset web applications
4817 UltraCoat 1137HG-33 High gloss; for paper, paperboard and labels
4822 UltraCoat 1155HG-1 High gloss; for ink-train applications
4821 UltraCoat 1157HG High gloss; works well with hybrid inks and cocure systems
4820 UltraCoat 1164HG-1 High gloss; for non-porous substrates
4818 UltraCoat 1170HG-1 High gloss; high taber rub resistance
4819 UltraCoat 1178HG-5 High gloss; off-line for silk screen applications
Matte/Satin Coatings
Product Number Product Name Description
4829 UltraCoat 531SG Satin gloss
Specialty Coatings
Product Number Product Name Description
7946 A-1310 UV A special blend of solvents designed to work on ultraviolet and electron beam and co-cure inks.
4825 UltraCoat 2038HG High gloss; foil stampable, glueable

Fountain Additives

Product Number Product Name Description
20179 ARS-SV Contains no HAPs and offers a wide ink/water balance to help reduce make ready time.
7023 Be Done Eliminates foam in all recirculating dampening systems.
2438 Gum Arabic 14 Baume 100% pure. Finest quality gum arabic available.
7057 Ink-Ayde Reduces ink drying time.
7116 Non-Piling Additive Reduces piling and extends frequency of blanket wash-ups.

Fountain Solutions

Brush/Conventional Web Dampening Fountain Solutions
Product Number Product Name Description
2834 AMV Most waters. Tech limit phosphorus.
2399 DFS-201 Zero VOC. Brush dampening for thermal CTP plates.
2908 Emerald AMVP High phosphate with good desensitizing for PDI and thermal CTP plates.
2961 Emerald BPQ Large buffer for all but extremely hard water.
20105 Emerald KDMJ Works well with conventional and computer to plates.
Continuous Dampening Web Fountain Solutions
Product Number Product Name Description
2579 DFS-327 Low VOC. Reduces piling on poorer grades of paper.
20147 Emerald Premium NTH-GP Developed for faster restarts on CTP plates.
2364 Emerald Premium® KDMII Outstanding piling performance. Works well on spray dampening.
2234 Emerald Premium® LEH Passes TEC limit on phosphate.
2837 Emerald Premium® MX3Z Zero phosphates.
2840 Emerald® Premium WCMX Soft to medium water. High phosphate.
2552 Emerald® Premium KDMA High phosphate. Good for PDI and thermal CTP plates.
2150 Emerald® Premium WCNP Contains extra non-piling ingredients.
2051 MXEH 11S High phosphate with strong desensitizing.
20286 Pro Image 200W
20306 Pro Image 202W
20290 Pro Image 400W
Duplicator Fountain Solutions
Product Number Product Name Description
2912 Emerald Premium MXEH All waters. Eliminates blinding on aqueous plates.
Newspaper Fountain Solutions
Product Number Product Name Description
2830 Aqua Magic Original, top-selling neutral.
20015 Aqua Magic 2000 Maximum performance on subtractive plates.
2236 Aqua Magic KDX Contains additional biocide to prevent growth.
2831 Fast Start II Alkaline solution compatible with wide range of water and inks including all soy based and reduced rub formula.
20056 Neutral 707-BKC Added plate protection provides faster startups.
2574 Neutral 707-SKC Uses our new, very potent biocide system. Safe for all CTP.
2080 News Etch 505 Mild acid fount for spray dampening.
2396 News Etch 505 DP Low VOC neutral solution developed for quality four color process printing on high speed presses.
20016 News Neutral 557 FGR Mild acid solution designed for newspaper and cold web insert markets, WIFAG compliant to ensure corrosion resistance.
20100 Prime Time Etch 401 Mild acid for computer to plates.
20049 Prime Time News 201 Large operating window with unique non-piling and non-linting systems.
20066 Super Concentrate LA 4 Neutral super concentrate that is entirely a liquid product, stable and elimnates excess salts or powders in pails.
Single-Part Fountain Solutions for Sheetfed/Small Web Presses
Product Number Product Name Description
20315 Emerald Premium HBR One-step, sheetfed and web acid fountain solution product for use in soft to medium-hard water.
2941 PAQ All waters. Contains phosphates and eliminates binding on aqueous plates.
20005 PAQ-P Special formulation for polyester plates.
Two-Part Fountain Solutions for Use with Alchohol Substitues
Product Number Product Name Description
2832 Emerald 3Z Most waters, eliminates blinding on aqueous plates.
2077 Emerald JRB Zero VOC and non-HAPs. For all conventional and CTP plates.
20450 Emerald JRDC-AB Specialty product for calcium control and anti-blinding.
2004 Emerald JRHZ For hard water applications.
2173 Emerald JRNC For soft or de-ionized water; used to reduce calcium sale buildup on blankets, rollers and plates.
2964 Emerald JRZ Soft to medium water. Helps control calcium.

Plate Cleaners

Product Number Product Name Description
7771 Bulldog Plate Cleaner Triple action, cleaner and desensitizer for use on metal plates, chrome rollers, or metal cylinders.
7747 Digital Plate Cleaner Acid plate cleaner for all CTP plates.
7857 EZ Scratch Remover Dual-action cleaner / desensitizer for use on metal plates.
2429 Plate Cleaner/Desensitizer Strong, alkaline cleaner for scratches and scum. Effective for "baked" CTP plates.

Press Washes

Environmental Blanket & Roller Washes
Product Number Product Name Description
7844 Envirowash® T-100 Very low VOC wash for newspapers and open webs.
7989 Solvent Free Wash DP 985 VOC free blanket wash designed best for daily use in newspaper coldset application.
General Blanket & Roller Washes
Product Number Product Name Description
7274 A-240 Our premium water-miscible wash.
7453 A-260 HF Wash High flash version of top-selling A-240.
7833 A-410 WASH A clear, light colored liquid with a very mild odor. Use with or without water to clean blankets and rollers. Used to remove gum glaze, paper coating and piling and other water-soluble compounds.
7119 A-60 Odorless Reduced odor, economical, one-step blanket and roller wash.
7373 A-70 NWM For sheetfed or web. Not water-miscible. Prevents stripping and blinding due to surfactants.
7624 A-740 Very water-miscible, but never leaves any residue.
7325 Power Plus 500 Wash Unique wash provides exceptional cleaning when mixed with 50% water.

Silicone Emulsions

Product Number Product Name Description
7537 D-STAT Very effective Downey type antistat.
7730 Poly-Sil II Low cost alternative to 60% emulsions. Additives keep silicone on the paper surface.
7646 Silicone Concentrate 5000C Same as 5000 with conductivity standard for monitoring.
7636 Silicone Concentrate AS-XL Very cost effective mixture of silicone, humectant and exclusive "Super-Glide" additive. Outperforms many 60% emulsions.
7625 Silicone Emulsion 5000 Premium 60% silicone. No additives.
7841 Silicone Emulsion DVQ High performance, economical 35% emulsion with antistatic agents and conductivity additives.
7925 Silicone Emulsion Q-202 Utilizes a combination of enhanced silicone fluids reacted to provide improved slip for paper to metal surfaces.
7837 Silicone Emulsion QW-AS
7836 Silicone Emulsion QW-SP
7633 Stat-A-Way Real Downey printing antistatic made exclusively for us.
7150 Web Fold Concentrate 35%

Specialty Products

Product Number Product Name Description
7815 Backbone Softener CL Colorless product that promotes smooth folds for the web.
20266 Dampener Systems Cleaner II
7066 Glass Kleen Antistatic glass cleaner.
7666 Metering Roller Cleaner Alternative Strong cleaner with no chlorinated solvents.
7122 P.R.C. All-Purpose All-purpose, concentrated pressroom cleaner.
7826 Super Rinse-A-Way Safely removes calcium buildup from press rollers.