Technical Support

OASIS Remote

Proactive Real-time On-line Technical Monitoring Auditing and Support System

  • Designed for multiple minilab locations
  • Chemical monitoring support designed to free up you employee's time
  • Reduces the technical training cost and time typically associated with high turnover and part time employees
  • Provides for faster new employee productivity
  • Provides for maximization and focus for customer service training
  • Reduces the need for on-sight technical specialist support
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Increases your ability to provide a more consistent, higher quality product for your customers
  • Insures accuracy of transmitted quality control data
  • Trained specialists immediately communicate with your staff when control concerns are identified
  • Enables field and corporate management to devote limited resources and time to identified labs that are needing assistance and support
  • The most advanced and user friendly densitometer ever made
  • Simplified, non-technical user interface
  • Device automatically identifies strip type
  • Data is automatically uploaded to the Oasis Remote Monitoring Center
  • Desnsitometer automatically calculated process control deviations
  • Results are reported on easy to follow screen messages
  • Auto calibration
  • Automated application of reference code corrections factors

Fuji Hunt OASIS Software

To control quality, photo labs must monitor a variety of systems and be able to sort through an endless stream of information. Recognizing the obstacles photo labs face in achieving consistent quality, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals set out to develop the ultimate quality management system. The result is OASIS, a unique family of quality management software.

OASIS incorporates features to make advanced process monitoring easy. Parameters are 100% user definable and may be customized for each lab. OASIS performs all aspects of quality control including reading and storage of process control strips, printer balance recommendations, chemical bath monitoring and maintenance and other systems. OASIS includes an advanced diagnostics engine that accepts user input to expand its database. This intuitive feature compares current control conditions to previous results to determine the best possible corrective action.

A comprehensive array of preset reports and graphing features are at hand that can be customized to your lab's needs. OASIS even includes a quality index rating system for internally tracking process improvements. Local and remote monitoring is available via modem, Internet or Intranet email or across company networks for multiple lab monitoring.

OASIS Quality Management Software is available for all Microsoft Windows operating systems, including 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP, Vista and 7. OASIS demonstration software is available for a risk-free evaluation. For more information on OASIS, please contact your local FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals Sales Representative or e-mail our Marketing Department.

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