Fujifilm has several non-photosensitive polyimide formulations for a wide variety of applications including low temperature cure.

Resulting films can be patterned using a hard mask and dry etch or wet pattern transfer.

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  • Durimide 10/32 Series is a fully imidized polyimide-amide designed as a buffer coat especially for glob top applications.
  • Durimide 20 Series is a fully imidized polyimide used primarily as a thin lift-off layer
  • Durimide 200 Series is a fully imidized polyimide used as a passivation coating, interlayer dielectric and as a lift off layer
  • Durimide 100 Series are a range of self-priming, non-photosensitive polyamic acid formulations which become fully stable polyimide coatings after thermal curing. They can be photo-imaged with a wet pattern transfer process using a positive photoresist mask.

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