i-Line, g-Line and Broadband

Extensive series of mid-uv sensitive photoresists for critical to non-critical applications encompassing sub-0.30µm to >1.0µm resolution on varied substrates over a large range of resist thickness

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  • Advanced i-Line Resists for Non-reflective Substrates
    Resist families designed for demanding critical CD (<350 nm) printing on non-reflective substrates :
    • OiR 620 series
    • OiR 674 series
  • Advanced i-Line Resists for Reflective Substrates
    Resist series offering fast photospeed options for advanced resolution (>350 nm CD) patterning on reflective substrates :
    • OiR 674 series
    • GiR 1102 series
    • GiR 2201 series
  • Multi-purpose High Resolution i-Line Resists
    Resist series offering fastest photospeed options for high throughput, high resolution (>500 nm CD) and robust patterning:
    • OiR 305 series
    • OiR 366 series
    • OiR 906 series
    • OiR 907 series
  • Multi-purpose Cross-over g- and i-Line Resists
    Resist series offering robust patterning for g-line, i-line and broadband (>800 nm CD):
    • HiPR 6500 series
    • HPR 510 series
  • Dyed Resists for Highly Reflective Substrates
    Resist series offering non-bleaching, high optical densities for CD and notching control on highly reflective substrates:
    • OiR 906MD
    • OiR 906HD
    • OiR 305HC
    • HiPR 6500GH
    • HiPR 6500HC
  • i-Line Resists for Thicker Applications
    Resist series for thicker film patterning needs ranging from 3 to 13 µm film thickness:
    • FHi-560EP
    • GiR 3114
    • OiR 305
    • OiR 908

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