Solvents for edge bead removal, pre-wet & other applications

Today's critical photoresist applications demand precision resist edge bead removal (EBR). Therefore we have developed a complete line of EBR solutions that provides world-class edge bead removal while maintaining the industry standard for purity, packaging, and environmental protection.

  • Product purity is continuously verified through the use of state-of-the-art analytical tools
  • Manufactured and packaged in 3 continents at plants in US, Europe and Asia
  • Packaging options :
    • 4 x 4L bottles
    • 200L drums (one way and returnable)
    • 1000L IBC’s
    • Bulk delivery

Core products

  • RER 500/550
  • RER 600
  • RER 650/652
  • RER 800

Negative Tone Imaging (NTI) systems developers & rinses

  • FN-DP001
  • FN-RP002

Rinse 1 (after develop rinse)

  • Ultra-pure materials are available for advanced pre-wet applications

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  • Edge Bead Removal (EBR)
  • Pre-wet
  • Back side rinse
  • Cup rinse.
  • Nozzle clean