Photoresist Strippers

FUJIFILM’s proprietary Microstrip® family of photoresist strippers provides processing choices and performance advantages over current industry standards for both Aluminum & Copper technology.

  • FUJIFILM’s photoresist strippers are designed for optimal performance, low cost of ownership and minimal environmental and health impact
  • Packaging options :
    • 4 x 4L bottles
    • 1 x 20L jerricans
    • 200L drums (one way and returnable)
    • 1000L IBC’s
Solvent based strippers for Positive Photoresist Removal
  • Microstrip® 2001 : standard alkaline photoresist stripper
DMSO based
  • Microstrip® 3001 : broadly applicable bulk photoresist stripper
  • Microstrip® 3200 : mild acidic, amine-free stripper with excellent metal compatibility
  • Microstrip® 6800 : single wafer tool applicable photoresist stripper with improved cleaning performance on heavily cross-linked photoresist
Strippers for Negative Photoresist Removal
  • Microstrip® IV

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These materials are used for wet removal of bulk and thick plating photoresist in single wafer and batch processes