Complementary color filters for image sensor (IS) applications

This 4th generation COLOR MOSAIC® is designed for mega-pixel CMOS or CCD color sensors

Application Image Sensor application
Generation 4th Generation
Color Spectral Complementary Color
Pigment control Small amount of large size pigment
Pixel Size 2µm
Exposure dose 100 - 400mJ/cm2(i-line)
Resistance Excellent heat and light resistance
Environment EHS approved raw materials
Packaging Quart glass bottle with 0.76L fill

Available CMY product series :

  • CMY 3000 series
  • CMY 4000 series

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  • The 4th generation of COLOR MOSAIC® is designed for mega-pixel CMOS and CCD color sensors of digital still cameras, camcorders, security monitors, and other special image sensing devices available in the market today.
  • The excellent design of complementary color (CMY) transmission of the 4th generation and its nature of the color make the device highly sensitive.
  • The 4th generation of COLOR MOSAIC® is fully compatible with existing coater-developers and i-line steppers at semiconductor manufacturing sites.
  • Transmission curve
  • Pattern view (2µm)