Light shielding and black matrix resists for image sensor (IS) and wafer level lens (WLL) applications

  • Image sensor application
  • Optical black area use (Chip frame shielding)
  • Shield for chip backside, wafer level lens etc.
Resolution 20 µm line
Transmittance Extremely low through 300-1200nm
Reflectance Quite Low through 300-700nm
Environment EHS approved raw materials
Packaging options :
  • Quart glass bottle with 0.76L fill
  • Gallon glass bottle with 2.89L fill
  • Non-carbon black
  • SK-3000L – color pigment based

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Black material series of COLOR MOSAIC® are negative tone imaging materials. These non-carbon high optical density (O.D) type materials have high shielding performance which is very useful for various light blocking applications.

  • Transmission curve (2µm film thickness (FT))
  • Resolution (20µm at FT of 2µm)

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