Provia 400X

At a Glance

Fujichrome Provia 100F and 400X are chrome films that can provide the realistic and sensitive reproduction of an almost endless variety of subjects with fine grain and superb sharpness. Fujichrome Provia 100F is perfect for a wide range of photographic assignments. Provia 100F reacts well to long exposures. Provia 400X has replaced Provia 400F. Provia 400X features greater saturation and finer grain for today's professionals.


  • Provia 400X features higher saturation with more vivid color.
  • Provia 400X offers a new level of Fine Grain in an ISO 400 Chrome Film with an RMS Granularity of 11
  • Provia 400X provides Improved Image Stability and Resistance to Fading
  • Provia 400X is available in 35mm and 120 roll formats.

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Provia 400X