Image Processing System IS-mini

Digital color adjustment device used for on-set camera preview and for monitor calibration for professional motion picture productions.

Small and lightweight with outputs for both HD-SDI and HDMI.
The IS-mini utilizes 3D color LUTs in cube sizes almost 50% larger than other products enabling much more accurate image display for on-set production and post-house environments. Included Mini Manager software incorporates 3-wheel color correction capability. Monitor calibrations can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Check out the IS-Mini in action (at 5 minutes 40 seconds)!

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  • Monitor calibration done quickly with user-friendly interface
  • High precision color reproduction via large 3D Luts
  • Large library of camera conversion Luts available with film emulations, 3-wheel color grading function included via MiniManager software
  • Multiple IS-minis can be controlled at the same time. Also easily connected to IS-100 for full live grading using ACES color management for multiple camera shows


High-precision color reproduction using IS-mini

Monitor calibration

Monitor calibration is quickly and easily done by measuring color patches generated by the IS-mini and output on a monitor. No special knowledge of color management is needed to perform calibrations using the IS-mini Manager Software, which provides step-by-step guidance along the way. By way of a spectrophotometer connected to a computer along with the IS-mini, a color conversion table is created based on the monitor output. This enables color matching for monitors of multiple panel types and manufacture, and is useful during production on-set, as well as in a broad range of businesses that handle images (including production companies, post-production and advertisement production companies).

[Chart] IS-mini 3DLUT Import & Monitor Calibration
Camera preview

Camera preview of live images is available via 3G HD-SDI on the monitor with proper color reproduction of camera, recorder and monitor combination by simply applying 3D LUTS available by free download. These color conversion LUTS were created using ACES color management and provide a large range of choices of output renderings as well as negative and positive film stock emulations. These color conversion LUTS can be used with or without the monitor calibration profile. IS-mini Manager Software also has built-in slope/power/offset correction functions to create new looks on the live image, which can then be saved and exported for future use.

[Chart] On-Set Previewing with IS-mini

Enabling color management with multiple equipment types interlocking with IS-100

One or several IS-minis can be interlocked with the IS-100 expanding the abilities of both. When connected to cameras and primary monitors, the IS100 utilizes the equipment information and signal properties by way of ACES, and color conversion data is automatically sent from IS-100 to IS-minis by way of Ethernet. This enables checking final image reproduction with appropriate color conversion, even if the cameras and monitors connected to the IS100 and IS-minis are of different types and manufacture. Ideal color management is possible on large-scale shoots, where multiple cameras and monitors are used at the same time, ensuring the choices made by the director and cinematographer at time of capture are carried through in editing and post-production.

[Chart] Multi Camera & Monitor Function (Link with IS-100)


Product name Image Processing System IS-mini
Product model IS-10
Network 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
Interface USB2.0, LAN (RJ45) × 1
HD-SDI 1.5G-SingleLink BNC connector (1 for input, 1 for output) complied with SMPTE 292
HDMI 1 for output (no sound output)
Power DC 5V (AC adapter included)
Dimensions / weight 103(W) × 81(D) × 29(H)mm Approx. 260g (excluding cables)

IS-mini Videos

IS-mini Hardware and Software Introduction

IS-mini Manager Software Start Up

IS-mini Calibrating Monitors

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