Double Balloon Endoscopy


The small intestine is the most difficult organ to access in GI endoscopy. Although there are several methods available for endoscopic insertion into the small intestine, the Double Balloon Endoscopy method supports in detailed observation and treatment when faced with the following:

  • Hemostasis of arteriovenous malformations (AVM), active ulcers, flat adenomas or other sources of obscure GI bleeding
  • Removal of small intestinal polyps or tumors
  • Polyposis Syndromes
  • Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
  • Capsule findings (positive or negative)
  • Radiographic abnormalities of the small bowel
  • Intestinal structures
  • Obtaining biopsies
  • Foreign body retrieval
  • Meckel's Diverticulosis
  • Inking to mark future surgeries in the small bowel
  • When therapeutic capabilities are needed and/or diagnostic biopsies are required by capsule findings and beyond the enteroscopes’ limitations


The Double Balloon Endoscopy System consists of specifically designed enteroscopes, overtubes, balloons, and a balloon-pump controller. It also requires a Fujifilm video processor and light source for clear, sharp, high-definition images with advanced imaging technology.

DBE Enteroscopes/Colonoscope

In Gastroenterology, the small bowel represents an area of great challenge in regards to endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. We offer the Double Balloon Endoscopy platform which continues to pave the way in enteroscopic innovation - an excellent solution for small bowel  enteroscopy.

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PB-30 Balloon-Pump Controller/Remote Control

The PB­-30 balloon­-pump controller allows control of the balloons' internal dilation pressures. Being able to control the appropriate amount of balloon dilation and contraction enables the physician to perform a safe and smooth examination.

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ST-10 Setting Tool

The ST-10 setting tool enables smooth attachment of rubber bands when setting the balloon onto the Double Balloon Endoscope.

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BS-2 Balloons and Overtubes

The exclusively developed specialized balloons (BS-­2) and sterile, single-use overtubes (TS­-12140, TS­-13140, and TS­-13101) allow for complete positioning of the endoscope in the small intestine. The tip of the scope can be smoothly inserted to reach the area of observation and treatment.

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VP-4440HD Processor and XL-4450 Light Source

The EPX-4440HD high-definition digital video processor (VP-4440HD) with FICE (Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement) and 300 watt xenon light source (XL-4450) is designed to meet the needs of any facility – ambulatory surgery center to academic medical center.

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