Ultrasound Video Bronchoscope

Our Ultrasound Bronchoscope is designed specifically for diagnosis and staging.

Equipped with high-resolution, ultra small Super CCD chip technology, this scope offers bright, vivid high-resolution endoscopic images.

Unique design features of the EBUS Systems include a 10° forward oblique view for optimal visualization of the vocal cords; dual light guides - one on each side of the accessory channel for even illumination; and exceptional bending capability to facilitate precise targeting of accessories.

These features, along with high quality images, provide for safe ultrasound diagnosis.

Ultrasound Bronchoscope

With a distal end outer diameter of 6.7mm, this scope reduces patient discomfort, improves maneuverability, insertion capability and physician efficiency. The EBUS Systems is to be used in conjunction with the SU-1 Ultrasonic Processors.

Viewing direction 10° forward oblique
Observation range 3 - 100mm
Field of view 120°
Distal end diameter 6.7mm
Flexible portion diameter 6.3mm
Bending capability  
  Up 130°
  Down 90°
Forceps channel diameter 2.0mm
Working length 610mm
Total length 880mm
Scanning mode Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse wave, B-Mode, M-Mode
Scanning method Convex
Scanning angle 65°
Frequency 5MHz, 7.5MHz, 10MHz, 12MHz
Compatible Systems ELUXEO, EPX-4440HD, EPX-4400HD, EPX-4400, SU-1 Ultrasonic Processors

530 Series Video Bronchoscopes

Fujifilm EBUS Video