instax SHARE SP-2

instax mini 8

Create instax prints from your precious memories in your smartphone

Print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet

Select your best shots from your smartphone and get instax prints by transferring the shots from the app to SP-2 via Wi-Fi connection. You can also print images from your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Download Free “instax SHARE” From App Store Or Google play

Fujifilm’s new “instax SHARE” app features a new user interface and functions for better usability. Available free on the App Store or Google play.


  • Android™ phones: Installed with Android Ver. 2.3.3 or later and Google Play.
  • iPhones®: Installed with iOS Ver. 7.1 or later.

Some types of phones satisfying the above conditions may not be compatible with instax SHARE even if the app is installed.

Color variation

High-speed printing

High-speed printing in 10 seconds

A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output. At the same time, printing noise is lower which makes your printing experience much more enjoyable.

Superb image quality

High resolution with print pixels of 800x600 dots, at 320dpi, shows detailed gradations and facial expressions in a full-length portrait, print characters and detailed photo subjects more clearly.

instax technology excels in color development and preservation.
The instax system develops colors by delivering the light to pigments and producing chemical reactions.
It reduces the deterioration of color and sharpness caused by aging which proves excellent image stability just like silver-halide photographic prints.

Other features

High luminance LED indicating the film and battery status.

Reprint button allows you to share the same print with others.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery to charge via micro USB port.

Various templates available

New template: Split (SP-2 only)

Split one image into two

New template: Collage (SP-2 only)

Real Time Template

When you select “Real Time Template” and take a photo, the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity are indicated in the frame. Since you cannot make a copy with this template, the photo will be the one and only in the world.

Limited Edition Template

Each print is numbered so it looks like a limited item. A memory shared with people you cherish will be even more precious.

Social Media Template (for Facebook and Instagram)

Template for printing images uploaded to Facebook and Instagram social media sites (SNS). With the profile photo and the number of likes indicated, this template offers fun sharing from your social media or SNS.

Square Template

Template that fits the photo cropped into a square. It is possible to write your feelings and messages to make the memory more vivid.

Seasonal Templates

Different designs to fit the occasion, whether Mother’s Day, a birthday, a greeting to mark the season, “Best wishes!”

Standard Template

The simple instax frame makes the photo stand out.

Filters for more printing fun!

New filter: Custom Filter

color filter

Fujifilm Intelligence Filter

The Fujifilm Intelligence Filter uses an optimum processing technology, Image Intelligence, which is based on Fujifilm’s over 80 years of experience and ever-advancing know-how. The technology gives real results – for example, to brighten up a photo that turned out too dark.


Recording method 3-color exposure with OLED
Film Fujifilm INSTAX mini instant color film (sold separately)
Photo capacity 10 prints / pack
Image size 62mm x 46mm
Supported image size 800 x 600 dots
Printing resolution 320 dpi
Printing levels 256 levels per color (RGB)
Interface Standard compliance IEEE802.11b/g, Operation frequency: 2.4GHz (5GHz is not supported.)
Supported image format JPEG, PNG
Printing time Image Recording - photo output (Feed out) Approx. 10 sec.
Approximate printing capacity Approx. 100 prints (Based on our test conditions)
*Varies depending on the conditions of use.
Power supply NP-45S(1 piece)
Charging time Approx. 90 minutes (Varies depending on the battery remaining level)
Power consumption 2 W
Operating temperature +5°C to + 40°C / +41°F to + 104°F(no condensation)
Dimensions 89.5mm x 131.8mm x 40mm (excluding projections)
Weight 250g (without battery and film pack)
Supplied accessory USB cable (BOB711)
  • * Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Specifications and appearance of products are subject to change without notice.
  • You can connect up to 8 devices to the printer. However, you cannot print an image from another device while printing is in progress.
  • The color of the print may seem different from that displayed on your device.
  • The colors of the actual product may be different from those used in this catalog due to various conditions for printing.
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  • Some types of smartphones may not be able to send large size images due to their limits of wireless communication.
  • Some types of smartphones may not able to perform wireless communication via a memory card.
  • The image size may affect sharpness and graininess of the finished print.
  • Depending on the file size and smartphone type, wireless communication may take a long time.
  • The smartphone type and shooting condition may affect the color tone and quality of the finished print.
  • The finished print may look different from the image viewed on the smartphone display.
  • The images of prints and smartphones printed in this catalog are simulated ones.

Instax Artists

Making a recipe keepsake book
I’m a busy Mom with a business to run, I try as much as I can to cook meals for my family. It’s one of my greatest parenting hopes that one day, when Marlowe is off on her own in the world that she thinks fondly back to the days when I would cook for her – and craves some of her childhood dishes! I decided a while ago that I wanted to start compiling a cookbook for her of some of her favorite “Home Cooked Meals” throughout the years. It seemed like such a cute idea but I felt overwhelmed by the idea of its execution. I imagined a complicated undertaking, and just haven’t felt up to it on top of everything else that I have going on!

But after falling in love with my FUJIFILM INSTAX® Mini 70 Instant Film Camera, I knew that Instax had another amazing product up their sleeve that could help me make this cookbook a reality: The FUJIFILM Instax SHARE­SP-2 Smartphone Printer. This thing is insanely awesome. Read More

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are several types of calendar people in the world. There’s the type that loves token picture calendars, and a twist of nostalgia. The type that buys a really cute one and then forgets to flip the pages until October (my usual category), and then ones that prefer yearly calendars but can’t ever read read the dates because it’s so small. I like to think my DIY printable photo wall calendar solves all of these issues, but then again, I also like to think of myself as a DIY crime fighter.

While I can’t exactly pick the Instax Mini prints for you, I did take care of the rest. You won’t even have to lift a finger to flip the pages, OR use a magnifying glass to find the date. Plus you can add a few memories from your 2016 camera roll because it’s perfectly sized for the mini prints of the FUJIFILM Instax SHARE SP-2 Smartphone printer. Read More

Customized postcards for the constant traveler
Visiting Morocco, specifically Marrakech, can feel like a magical dream, one in which you are immediately transported to a different era the minute you step off the plane. A time of ancient traditions, sweeping deserts, majestic architecture, and seductive corners alongside vibrant colors and exotic cuisine. As the gateway to Africa, Morocco can be dizzying with diversity, culture and overwhelm your senses in a way you have never felt before.

This was my second trip to Morocco, specifically for the Festival International du Film de Marrakech. I went into the trip already knowing that I would not be carrying my Instax Mini 70 through the hustle and bustle of the media or on the International Film Festival red carpet, so instead, I opted to pack up my Instax SHARE Printer SP-2. If you do not already own this Instax SHARE Printer SP-2, it is an absolute must have in a travelers suitcase for those ‘on the go’ travel moments! Read More