Combining superior print quality with unprecedented speed is the driving force behind high performance industrial inkjet imaging.

Until recently, systems developers had to trade-off image quality for production speed. Now Dimatix printheads, in particular its Q-Class when combined with its VersaDrop™ jetting technology, delivers high-accuracy, variable-drop jetting without affecting device productivity.

VersaDrop jetting technology leverages the inherit high frequency response of Dimatix printheads. It does this by stimulating the piezoelectric element with waveform pulses of varying amplitude to produce metered amounts of ink which are pumped into a single drop before the droplet detaches from the nozzle. This capability is used to form variable size drops with no compromise in jetting productivity.


  • Multiple fixed drop sizes from one printhead with no loss to productivity
  • Grayscale capability with no productivity loss
  • Drops merged at nozzle rather than substrate for superior image quality
  • Increased drop velocity resulting in higher stand-off distances for great choice of substrates
  • Wider variety of inks and fluids supported by waveform tuning

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