Technology Integration

Dimatix Technology Integration develops, builds, and supports complete inkjet printing systems, based on proprietary printhead technology. Our clients are companies that need fully integrated, reliable single-pass inkjet systems, designed and built to industrial requirements.

Since our founding in 2003, we have built a formidable team – including mechanical, electrical, chemical and software engineers – giving us a depth of expertise in all of the disciplines required for successful inkjet solutions. We have established an impressive track record working with companies whose requirements are not addressed by other commercial solutions. We have developed, manufactured, and installed numerous sophisticated inkjet printing systems world-wide.

We have unique capabilities for developing inkjet printhead technologies, systems hardware and comprehensive ink handling solutions.

9 steps to solutions development

  • Understand Quality Requirement
  • Understand Performance
  • Identify the Ink
  • Outline Solution Options
  • Create Samples
  • Choose Solution
  • Pilot Solution
  • Scale Solution
  • Tune Implmentation

If you are looking for an experienced inkjet systems developer - with a proven track record and an experienced team - to develop high performance industrial, single-pass printing systems that addresses your special application, contact us (

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