Pro-Jet™ Infrared Absorbers

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants is a leading supplier of high performance near infrared absorbers. Our technically advanced range of Pro-Jet™ IR Absorbers offer unique benefits across a wide and growing range of specialty applications and high security markings.

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Innovation & Technology

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants' highly experienced team of scientists ensure product quality throughout all stages of research, development, scale-up and manufacture, to deliver a range of Pro-Jet™ IR Absorbers that are tailored to the demanding requirements of this dynamic sector.

A key feature of Pro-Jet infrared absorbers is the extreme chemical, light, thermal and solution stability they possess. They are designed to be highly compatible with a wide variety of materials, including plastics, solvents, inks and polymers. The wavelength of absorption can be broad or narrow depending on the application. Infrared absorbers selectively absorb radiation in parts of the spectrum and remain transparent in other areas.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorant's strict quality control system is the base for supplying high quality and high purity infrared absorbers that meet exacting standards of customers for these critical applications. Raw materials and finished products are carefully managed to ensure strict supply chain protection and discipline throughout the distribution channels.

Pro-Jet™ IR Absorbers are fully REACh compliant and registered for wide geographical use. In addition, our in-house team of regulatory specialists can undertake further world-wide notifications as necessary.

IR Absorber Applications

Fuel Marking

Infrared absorbers can be used in fuel marking solutions for both fiscal and brand protection purposes. Detection systems can be programmed to recognize a specific wavelength absorption profile which is matched to the selected infrared absorber allowing quick authentication of genuine products and tracking through the supply chain. These materials have very low toxicity and very low levels of metals and sulfur.

Document Security

Important high value documents have long been targets for counterfeiters. Pro-Jet™ infrared absorbers can assist in preventing illegal copying or forgery by providing a mechanism to identify the real from the imitation. Because they possess high strength, they can be used at low loading which gives low color – this creates a covert method to mark high security documents. The infrared absorber has a very strong absorbance allowing rapid automated detection of a forged material.

Laser Imaging

Employing an infrared absorber with an absorption profile matched to the wavelength of a laser, allows localized conversion of laser light to heat in order to generate images. Typical examples are the direct imaging of lithographic plates in computer-to-plate technology and laser marking of coatings.

Polymer Laser Welding

Welding of thermoplastic component parts by laser can be achieved by incorporation of infrared absorbers in the weld region. This technology allows greater flexibility in product design and avoids many of the issues of existing systems.