Pro-Jet™ Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorant's unique Reactive Dispersant (RxD™) technology is driving development of a new range of Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions. This unique range of products also has broad applicability as high stability, general purpose dispersions for a wide variety of substrates, such as plain paper, coated paper and plastics.

Innovation & Technology

Delivering exceptional jetting reliability and outstanding image quality on a range of substrates, including coated and uncoated papers, cardboard and corrugated board, and textiles and films... Pro-Jet™ dispersions deliver the high performance needs of these demanding applications.

Aqueous inkjet use is changing and expanding into a growing range of diverse applications requiring exceptional print quality, excellent jetting reliability and high speed performance. With decades of experience in inkjet colorant innovation and manufacture, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants has the technology to meet the evolving needs of markets seeking new methods for printing.

Colorant Technology Center

With over thirty years' history of innovation in colorants for inkjet, and a heritage in dyes and pigments that reaches back almost one hundred years, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants is uniquely placed to deliver color to digital print. At our state of the art Colorant Technology Center we continue to develop the aqueous pigment dispersions to meet the evolving technical needs of the markets.

Innovations include the patented RxD™ technology, , a simple but highly effective approach to anchoring dispersant onto pigments to significantly increase print performance. Our pigment dispersions boost performance across an extensive range of printing materials including plain or coated papers, corrugate board and films. RxD™ stability is achieved by cross-linking of the dispersants to create a robust polymer shell, entrapping each pigment particle.

Applications and Substrates

Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions deliver outstanding print performance across an extensive range of applications and on a wide variety of substrates.

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated board
  • Films
  • Treated and untreated textiles
  • Plain paper
  • Coated paper
  • Packaging
  • Textiles
  • Wide format graphics
  • Commercial printing
  • Home and small office printing
  • Photo print

Reactive Dispersant Technology

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants' proprietary Reactive Dispersant Technology (RxD™) delivers a step change in dispersion performance to inkjet ink formulators.

The unique stability of our ProJet™ Aqueous Pigment Dispersions delivered by RxDTM technology is allowing aqueous ink formulators to access new levels of performance to meet the needs of the growing markets. Pigment dispersion stability is achieved by covalent cross-linking of the dispersants on the surface of the pigment to create a robust polymer shell, entrapping each pigment particle.

Pro-Jet Aqueous Pigment Dispersions Brochure

Utiliizing our unique RxD™ technology, Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions deliver outstanding performance, reliability and image quality in aqueous inkjet printing.

To learn more about Fujifim Imaging Colorants and its Pro-Jet Pigment Dispersions please download the attached brochure: Aqueous Pigment Dispersions Capability Brochure