Pro-Jet™ Aqueous Inkjet Inks

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants is a global supplier of high performance aqueous inkjet ink. These inks are custom designed for a wide range of uses, including textiles, packaging, industrial manufacturing and commercial printing.

Coloring the future of digital print

Innovation & Technology

Pro-Jet™ aqueous inks are custom designed for inkjet printing. High throughput, single pass inkjet printing has created new performance challenges for the ink formulator. With over two decades of successful innovation and a deep technical understanding of formulation science as well as colorant and polymer chemistry, we are uniquely positioned to meet these challenges and enable aqueous inkjet to advance into these new applications.

Our highly skilled scientists work closely with leading aqueous printhead vendors to produce aqueous inks with excellent reliability during jetting and full printhead material compatibility. Also with products manufactured to exacting ink jet standards, you can be assured that performance in the lab is consistently translated to high purity manufactured product.

Ink Technology Center

The Ink Technology Center (ITC) is a state-of-the-art research facility with a team of chemists and engineers that is continuing to develop the next generation of proprietary inks for the ever-expanding applications that inkjet can fulfill. Building on a platform of colorant and polymer design capabilities, we have more than twenty years of experience developing inks using cutting edge techniques and industry leading equipment. With these combined strengths, the team can address a wide variety of technical needs in a range of industries and markets.

Manufacturing Capability

We are one of the largest manufacturers of aqueous ink for inkjet printing. With facilities in New Castle, Delaware having unsurpassed capacity, and a worldwide distribution network, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants can supply the highest quality ink to any location globally. A key feature of our ink is the degree to which quality is maintained during manufacture with processes including carbon treatment, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and sub-micron filtration.

The Process Technology group works with both R&D groups and Manufacturing to deliver new products for our customers. The group has over twenty-five years' experience in dye and ink technology, and an excellent knowledge of regulatory law.

Our manufacturing and process technology teams are closely integrated to ensure new product introductions are conducted efficiently. A lean, cross-functional approach to new product development and transfer ensures the highest product quality from the very first batch.

We are also a world-renowned toll ink manufacturer. We work very closely with customers to provide the products they require in the quantities they need to extremely high standards. We can manufacture across a wide range of scales to meet our customers' needs.

We have a firmly established culture of continuous improvement. The manufacturing operation is constantly seeking to improve performance and seek innovative ways to delight our customers.

Collaboration with Partners

Close cooperation with printhead suppliers and integrators ensures the inkjet systems supporting our inks are optimized to perform reliably in extreme conditions and continue to meet the requirements of any manufacturing process. This collaborative approach provides a total solution which enables quicker conversion to digital printing. With inks individually tuned to the wide range of commonly used piezo printheads, every formulation ensures high reliability in jetting and overall ease of use.

Ink development at FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants builds on our long history of formulation and materials development for inkjet. Utilizing our understanding of inkjet technology, the Ink Technology Center has developed a range of technology platforms which can be optimized for the required application.

Due to the stringent requirements of the inkjet industry as well as industrial manufacturing environments, the technology is supported by excellent jet design and very high levels of reliability, combined with the possibility of very rapid dry times. In addition the ink platforms allow FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants to jet a wide range of materials including dyes, pigments (including white), emulsion polymers and solution polymers.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants can offer a range of dye based inks for commercial print and textile applications. We also have pigment inks and pigment with emulsion polymer inks for commercial print, industrial, and packaging markets.

Textile Inks

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants offers a wide range of reactive dye inks finely tuned to provide excellent color and fastness on cotton. These inks are designed to work seamlessly with all pre-treat and post-treat processes commonly used in the textile industry. In addition, they have been optimized for superb jetting performance for a variety of piezo printheads.

Industrial Inks

Many opportunities are growing for inkjet in industrial processes and FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants inks are an excellent choice to support this transition. Markets such as laminates, flooring, product marking, building wrap and wall covers are exploring digital printing on a wide variety of substrates including paper, wood, nonwovens, plastics and film. Extremely high single pass jetting reliability is a key feature of FFIC’s industrial inks. Combined with high image quality, robust images and vibrant colors our inks provide the perfect choice in these tough applications.

Packaging Inks

Digital technology offers a flexible approach to short production runs. Therefore, aqueous inkjet is well aligned to many packaging process needs. Conditions such as extreme temperatures, small spaces, high line speeds and harsh environments pose challenges for adoption of digital printing. We work with integrators to understand the system requirements and can tailor inks for a wide variety of new and mature packaging production lines, to print on film, board and paper substrates.

Commercial Printing Inks

New digital printing machines targeting commercial printing are designed with increased line speeds. Faster ink drying times are required with improved graphics and text quality demands across a wider range of substrates. Fujifilm's inks are developed to keep pace with these needs and offer excellent color and fastness for this demanding application.

Inks Capability Brochure

Proprietary high performance aqueous inkjet inks, custom designed for a wide range of uses including industrial manufacturing processes, textile printing, packaging and commercial print applications.

To learn more about Fujifim Imaging Colorants and its Pro-Jet Aqueous Inks please download the attached brochure: Inks Capability Brochure