Pro-Jet™ Aqueous Dye-Based Liquids

With over two decades of innovation, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Pro-Jet™ aqueous dye-based liquids have been incorporated into a broad range of inkjet ink developments including home and office printing, photography, commercial print, labels, marking and coding and wide format graphics. These materials provide ink manufacturers with the opportunity to develop inks that deliver enhanced performance, optical density and water fastness.

Coloring the future of digital print

Innovation & Technology

All our Pro-Jet™ dye-based liquids undergo a rigorous purification process to ensure the lowest possible levels of insoluble materials such as metals and salts. Carbon treatment, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and sub-micron filtration are all applied to produce extremely high quality ingredients for our customers to use in their ink formulations.


Advanced product performance based on:

  • Novel dye chromophores
  • Innovative product development
  • All round performance in color strength and gamut
  • High purity, stable liquids
  • Low salt and metal content
  • Market leading photographic permanence (light and ozone fastness)
  • Enhanced water fastness on plain paper
  • High optical density on plain paper

Product Selector

Multi Purpose Versatile dye performance applicable to many ink jet markets Pro-Jet Magenta 1 Liquid
Pro-Jet Cyan 1 Liquid
Pro-Jet Yellow 1G Liquid
Pro-Jet Black 168 Liquid
Bright Strong colors on a range of papers Pro-Jet Red OAM Liquid
Pro-Jet Yellow OAM Liquid
Others Solvent compatible black dye (in powder form)
Methic Turquoise paper dye (in paste form)
Pro-Jet Methic Turquoise Paste

Product Range Chart

Pro-Jet™ Cyan 1 Liquid 10% Medium 6-8 Multi-purpose performance
Pro-Jet™ Red OAM Liquid 8.5% Low 7-9 Strong color on paper
Pro-Jet™ Magenta 1 Liquid 10% Medium 1234 Multi-purpose performance
Pro-Jet™ Black 168 Liquid 10% Medium 7.5-9.5 Multi-purpose performance
Pro-Jet™ Yellow OAM Liquid 7.5% Low 7-9 Strong color on paper
Pro-Jet™ Yellow 1G Liquid 7.5% High 7-10 Excellent all round performance
1 Pro-Jet™ Cyan 1 Liquid 11 Pro-Jet™ Black 168 Liquid
2 Pro-Jet™ Cyan GLF Liquid 12 Pro-Jet™ Black CBA Liquid
3 Pro-Jet™ Red OAM Liquid 13 Pro-Jet™ Yellow OAM Liquid
4 Pro-Jet™ Magenta 3B-OA Liquid 14 Pro-Jet™ Yellow 1 Liquid
5 Pro-Jet™ Magenta 1 Liquid 15 Pro-Jet™ Fast Yellow 2 Liquid
6 Pro-Jet™ Fast Magenta 2 Liquid 16 Pro-Jet™ Yellow 1G Liquid
7 Pro-Jet™ Magenta 432 Liquid 17 Pro-Jet™ Yellow 746 Liquid
9 Pro-Jet™ Fast Black 1 Liquid 18 Pro-Jet™ Yellow 492 Liquid
10 Pro-Jet™ Fast Black 2 Liquid

Color values on microporous coated paper (internal data)

Pro-Jet Aqueous Dye-based Liquids Brochure

High performance aqueous dye-based liquids developed for the inkjet market. Custom designed for a wide variety of industrial and photo applications.

To learn more about Fujifim Imaging Colorants and its Pro-Jet Aqueous Dye-based Liquids please download the attached brochure: Pro-Jet Aqueous Dye-based Liquids