pAVEway™ Advanced Protein Expression

The efficient expression of a therapeutic protein is often a bottleneck in the production of biopharmaceuticals. Our pAVEway™ advanced protein platform is an innovative technology for the production of proteins in bacteria, and has been proven in more than 60 biologics, including those which are difficult to express.

Proven Technology

The pAVEway™ platform is based on a set of unique protein expression plasmids, which have been developed by FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies.

Using DNA looping to control protein expression, we have created a range of vectors which provide tightly controlled production of the target proteins, whilst allowing very high expression levels. These vectors are complemented by a range of host strains.

By choosing the appropriate combination of vector, host strain and microbial fermentation conditions, very high titers have been obtained for soluble, insoluble or secreted proteins.

Evaluation Study

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies offers to perform a quick evaluation study of the pAVEway™ technology for your protein. This will take about six weeks and will look at intracellular and secreted protein production.


  • Fast track process creation and development: Reduced time to clinic, reduced time to market


  • Antibiotic-free production : Antibiotic-free vectors suitable for large scale antibiotic-free cGMP manufacturing in a tightening regulatory environment without sacrificing yield and versatility

Cost Savings

  • High yield protein production through class leading fermentation productivity, with potential for reduced cost of goods


  • Produces a wide range of biotherapeutic proteins, through a variety of accumulation routes; intracellular soluble, intracellular insoluble, and periplasmic secretion. The optimal route can be tailored for each individual protein.

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