Apollo™ Mammalian Expression Platform

Efficient and high quality cell line and process development is the critical first step in the development of a robust manufacturing process for expression of a therapeutic protein. FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies' scientists have researched the key components in the generation of a recombinant cell line, and as a result have created our new Apollo™ mammalian expression platform. Utilizing this platform will produce a high quality recombinant cell line to take your biopharmaceutical from pre-clinical through to commercial production - a cell line for life.

Apollo™ - Developed with Manufacture in Mind

cGMP Manufacturing at 1000L scale

'Cell Line for Life'

  • Same cell line for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial production.

Rapid Clinical Material

  • Product titer up to 3g/L typically seen pre-media and -feed optimization.

Early Representative Material

  • Transfectant pool and pre-clonal material available for pre-clinical use.

Optimized Cell Line Development Process

  • Animal component free media and state-of-the-art screening technologies.

Low Regulatory Risk

  • High probability of monoclonality; CHO DG44-derived cell line; fully traceable cell lines.

Simple Technology Access

  • Attractive licensing terms.

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