FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

Company Profile

A world leader in developing and supplying high performance aqueous inkjet inks, pigments and dyes, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, Inc. has the largest global aqueous inkjet capacity and customer-focused formulation and engineering teams to produce bespoke digital inks compatible with leading printhead technologies.

Our company was formed in February 2006, following the acquisition of Avecia’s Electronic Materials business by Fujifilm. With a global reputation and market leading position based on:

  • a rich heritage in color and polymer chemistry (ICI, Zeneca & Avecia)
  • an enviable track record of product innovation spanning two decades
  • a broad range of high performance products
  • unique proprietary technology
  • extensive development & manufacturing capabilities
  • a dedication to achieving the highest standards of customer service
  • comprehensive regulatory support

The business began in the 1980s, when inkjet printing was in its infancy and color technology was rapidly expanding into new and diverse areas. Today, technological developments continue to enable the rapid expansion of inkjet printing technology into many new applications areas.

We offer a diverse range of products custom designed for inkjet printing, laser printing and photocopying, high security markings and other specialty applications. We offer an unparalleled mix of critical mass, R&D expertise, unique proprietary technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities to support the needs of our customers across diverse and expanding market sectors.